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Jungian Dream Analysis

To Carl Jung, images from fantasy, reverie, or one’s creation are not static. Rather they are dynamic inner modes of personal expression from one’s unconscious realms. They are full of vigor and feeling.

Images emerge from dreams, reveries, daydreams, fantasies, or even nightmares. In working with images, Jung was looking for the meaning that inner and outer events have for individuals. Reflection upon, gaining better discernment about these images, and integrating this awareness into our conscious lives gives rise to healing for the wounded psyche.  

More specifically, images are situations in your psyche that can be translated into psychological language, making these inner events more available for understanding. As you work with your dream and other images, you can develop skills that serve you well beyond the end of your therapy with me. It is also important to say that your dreams are specific to you, and you are the expert concerning your dream.

I work with a person’s dreams when they wish to present them. There is no requirement to do so but typically, dreams arrive nevertheless. Within our work with dreams, I respect dream images as living elements, paying attention to them as part of the therapeutic process. In today’s world of technology and fast pace, learning to work with one’s dreams may take getting used to.   

You may wish to engage in expression of inner feelings or images in or outside of sessions, especially when you grapple with depression or anxiety. Expression means drawing, painting, or writing or dancing your dreams. I encourage whatever form of expression is best for you. For example, I know a woman who embroiders her most meaningful dream images, and a man in his 60’s who has taken up oil painting so that he can bring his dream images into his conscious life. Also, there is a well-known story about Jung, who during a major difficulty earlier in his life, went to the shore of the lake and spent hours daily in meditation while he used the stones of the shore to build structures, much as he did as a boy. He too found meaning and feeling in his chosen form of expression.

Images from your dreams and your other resources (such as journals or drawings) can guide the form of the therapy. If dream work is not desired, individuals often work with writing or other forms of expression.  

Jungian analysis is a safe and supportive process, regularly leading to deeper understanding of one’s issues and to pragmatic solutions regarding life situations and issues.