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Does coming to counseling or analysis mean I can’t handle my own problems?

Does coming to counseling or analysis mean I can’t handle my own problems?

No, not at all!  I often tell my clients that only the brave enter counseling and analysis.

Choosing to address life issues or events in order to heal them is a significant decision. Therapy calls on one’s inner resources and invites exploration.  I try to make therapy as unintimidating as possible. Often I call it working on matters of the heart.

In fact, studies show that people who seek out counseling or therapy are actually MORE psychologically healthy than the general population! This may be because it takes great strength to make the decision to get help.

Psychotherapy and counseling are becoming more and more well received in our culture, in part because mental health is finally being respected.  Following the Affordable Care Act, mental health is now covered by insurance plans.

Many have sought psychotherapy or counseling at one time or another. Writers, doctors, nurses, teachers, business people, artists, athletes, academics, and admired public figures have benefited from therapy support at different times in their lives, so you are definitely not alone! In addition, many counselors, therapists, and psychologists have gone through their own psychotherapy in the course of their training.

Note: Typically, I do not see clients who have not achieved a consistent and abiding year of sobriety from addiction to alcohol or drugs. Your clear and defined year of sobriety is my best working environment.