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Our First Appointment

Our First Appointment

If you are early for your appointment, please take a seat on the porch or there are coffee shops nearby where you can wait comfortably:

Hollywood Library Café NE 43rd and NE Tillamook

Fleur de Lis, NE Hancock and NE 42nd

Whole Foods Market NE 43rd and NE Sandy (closest)

At your appointment time, knock on my door.  I will greet you.  We will immediately go into my office.  During the first few minutes of our first session, I will give you my policy, consent, and personal disclosure statement as required by the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists. I am ready to respond to questions you have.

We’ll begin the conversation where you wish to begin.   I will listen and learn more about what brings you to therapy.  I’ll be determining whether or not my training and experience are a likely match your needs, and whether or not I feel I can be of help to you, or if I need to refer you to a licensed professional who is more appropriate for you. You will also be deciding whether or not you feel you want to work with me.  If you feel it is not a match, I will refer you to another licensed professional.  Within the first few sessions, we will discuss how long your therapy is likely to last, its risks and benefits, and what we will be doing during the sessions.  I will encourage you to ask questions about any concerns you have at any time during our work together.