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Young Adults

Psychotherapy for Young Adults

We all have developmental tasks to accomplish. In this time in society, the challenges and developmental tasks for generations following the post-war generation are many and they are difficult.  Psychotherapy can address these life challenges.  You choose what we will work on.  I work to support, guide, and help explore these issues and tasks.

Some people need to explore a purpose that wants to begin in this life stage. Others wish to discover or to rediscover soul-life or creativity while stepping aside from an ego position. Still others face challenge in finding work, being new in the Portland area, or coping with past traumatic events.  Sometimes anxiety or depression impede these explorations. Issues may overlap.  There are many other questions young adults wish to address including our mortality. 

When we work together, we talk about what is foremost on a your mind.  We begin where you wish to begin. However, dreams are important to your development and in a Jungian therapy engagement, so I strongly encourage you to open to your dreams, keep a dream journal, and to bring dreams to sessions.  If you know something about Jungian psychology you will know that this inner work will deepen your work.

Dreams will help you to focus on some of the tasks that later life brings. Being present to the unconscious, working with feeling states and their expression, and working to live a fuller life no matter how much time we have helps us to orient to our aging selves.

Billing and Payment Items

If you are insured with regular insurance or wish to pay for therapy “out of pocket,” I invite you to call.  You are invited to call to talk about your issues and interests and to see if I seem like a suitable therapist for you:  503 287-1526.

  •  Carol Walnum, Jungian Analyst, LPC — 503-287-1526.