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Jungian Analyst

The heart of our work together is a process that flows and is organic for you. In it, we work to help you to find growth and healing by more fully understanding challenging, sometimes painful issues. Working in collaboration, desired life changes and a more fulfilling way of living become possible. Adult, younger adult, and senior clients are welcomed. As a certified Jungian Analyst and Licensed Professional Counselor, my experience is in the interrelationship among body, soul and mind in psychotherapy and analysis. Depression, anxiety, adjusting to new circumstances are central subjects of my practice. BCBS and PacificSource insurance. Direct pay clients welcomed at my regular fee.


1 Carol Walnum, Jungian Analyst and Licensed Professional Counselor, 503-287-1526. People work with me to more clearly understand current difficulties, repeating patterns, and how to make positive changes in their lives. Working together, we start where you wish and we proceed in the direction you wish, discovering and integrating unconscious aspects of the personality into consciousness. My clients say my practice room is a place where they feel safety and can speak about difficult subjects without encountering judgment. They say I am clear and respectful, honest, and reliable. Read More


2More than anyone ever knows, people from all walks of life choose to enter therapy. Why? Because all of us experience confusion and turmoil. All of us deeply desire to grow and heal, to come through our dark nights of the soul and emerge into light again. I help people explore their issues or problems, questions or difficulties in ways that are meaningful to them. I help people gain insight from the confusion, messiness, and distress in our lives. Actions can then be taken. I am seasoned and experienced in establishing deep, secure therapy relationships. I work carefully to go beneath current “symptoms” to what is truly troubling you. Read More



Just like breathing, all of us dream. Sometimes we don’t remember our dreams, yet all of humankind dreams. We have: day dreams, night dreams, musings or reveries, and nightmares, dreams for community and more. For thousands of years in all world cultures, dreams have informed individuals and groups in central ways. Dreams are part of us still. Dreams are vital. They communicate to us in symbolic language, that is in code, image or another mysterious form, almost forgotten in current times. As Jung wrote “it is the way of dreams to give us more than we ask” and they are invaluable in the process of therapy and life. How are your dreams informing your life? Read More



Although my license does not permit me to take Medicare or Advantage insurance plans, seniors need therapy too. I invite seniors to call to briefly discuss their issues and interests over the phone and to make an appointment if they wish. This phase of life invites us into conversation whether you are coping with depression, experiencing major change, loss or grief, or any number of other topics or issues. You are invited to explore the section on Elder and Senior Counseling. Read More