Depression Counseling

Counseling for Depression

As a Jungian therapist I provide counseling for depression. In my initial meeting with you, we go over these elements:

  • a brief, written depression screening so we can both “see” how you feel now inviting you to talk about what you remember about how the depression came about and what it feels like
  • inviting you to remember your dreams and to keep a dream journal.
  • We discuss if you are seeing a medical and or naturopathic doctor, or a mental health nurse practitioner. If you are not, I will work with you to find a doctor/nurse.

You are encouraged to ask questions you have, then or at anytime in the therapy.

When we work together in a Jungian approach, I will invite you to learn how to work in the following ways. These practices can serve you long after you conclude your therapy.

  • Engaging in inner work — this means committing to creating your personal expressions of the depression, typically by drawing but many people prefer clay work, painting, writing, or another media of your choice as we move through the therapy process.
    Come to therapy regularly typically meaning weekly.
  • Regularly bring your dreams.
  • Engage in talk therapy around subjects meaningful to you and around your dreams and drawings.
  • As you can, engage in physical exercise suiting your abilities.
  • If you take medication, take it regularly.Books which explain this approach more fully include Transforming Depression by Dr. David H. Rosen, M.D. You can google to find other books on Jungian or other approaches to depression.

What Can I Do?

In the U.S., when the word depression is mentioned, generally an antidepressant pill is prescribed or recommended as the only thing that will relieve a depression.

  • For some people that may be true; for many others, engaging in therapy alone is effective, depending upon the kind of depression.
  • For still many more people, both therapy and a course of medication — antidepressant or another allopathic or naturopathic medication — can work well for them.
  • One of the most important things you can do is work with a licensed therapist who is experienced in working with depression. Your depression may be different than another person’s. Let a therapist help you understand it.

Each of us is unique. I will work with you whether or not you have decided to take a trial of an anti-depressant. Contact me at 503 287-1526.

A Jungian Approach

Working with a Jungian Analyst for depression counseling is often very helpful.  This work gets below the symptoms of depression to the causes.  Learning or relearning the language of your unconscious can open a door to lifting depression.

  • Jungian work with a certified analyst offers the opportunity to view your depression more productively and to explore it.
  • Working in this way is not a “quick fix,” however, it is possible to connect your depression with other issues in life.

Today’s therapists are not naive about depression. We work carefully with you concerning symptoms of suicidal feelings or plans. These are grueling times, clearly very difficult for the person themselves, their family and friends, and for the therapist too, who wants their client to re-enter life fully.

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