Age 65 Plus

Age 60 Plus —> Our Task of Becoming An Elder

From Carl Jung’s view, young adult life encouraged our egos.  We found work, a place(s) in life, and a mate or not or both.  In mid-life, the developmental arc changed for many.  Having done all or most of the work of early life, sometimes an inner crisis emerged.  Often called mid-life crisis, many felt this as a spiritual crisis concerning purpose, sense of self, and who am I now?  There is no “one age” or process for this event but some signals can be feeling lost, beached, unconnected with that which interested us, feeling a new man or woman would “fix” things, fix us, and so forth.

At age 60 plus, we may feel other deep, archetypally-based changes occurring within us.  We feel the rush of time.  Many sense a need for meaningful introspection — reflection, review.  Inner questions about who we are now, our mortality, and sense of purpose and personal legacy arise.  Speaking about these and other aspects of aging can help our interior process of aging.


Also — LPC licensees such as myself are not permitted to take Medicare Insurance, a paradox because the Jungian approach is frequently the most helpful and meaningful approach for individuals in mid-life and later years.   You are invited to call me at (503) 287-1526.