Professional Counseling Services

Carol Walnum offers professional counseling services to adults and young adults (starting at age 25) who wish to address inner life issues often causing people to suffer and feel dispirited.  Carol works with individuals coping with outer issues as well, such as loss or sudden changes in life.  Her practice is diversity friendly.

Carol works with people longer-term and on any of the following areas:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Historic and current relationship problems in marriage, partnership, family, and work; enmeshment
  • Trauma exploration and support
  • Adult survivors of child abuses
  • Loss and grief
  • A broad range of mid- and later-life crises and issues, including depression, loss of purpose, career issues, and physical health issues
  • Adult children of self-centered parents and adults recovering 
from relationships of “intimate terrorism” of narcissism with such a parent or partner.
  • Issues that do not fit neatly into categories or labels; working to recognize what is trying to get your attention.

Carol participates in continuing clinical education and training, clinical supervision, and consultation as 
a part of her professional counseling services and her standard of care.

Having worked with individuals in the U.S. and in other countries, Carol bears witness to the fact that with help, people can enter more fully into life and better engage in life’s unique meaning for them and their communities. Carol works from the belief that a person should have the opportunity to best fulfill his, her or their authentic and individual nature in life and in  work. When movement toward those goals occurs, psychological struggles take on meaning and suffering can diminish. Strife and challenges are explored as a means for growth and transformation in her practice.